Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Healthy Lifestyle for Assured Body Detox

Detoxifying your body is a process that in actually quite natural. It is only because of poor lifestyle choices that we make that toxins pile up in our body. This makes us sluggish, irritable and very susceptible to health disorders. To prevent unwanted toxins form hindering a good life, try these simple lifestyle changes for regular body detox and cleansing.

What is Detoxification?

Most of our bodily functions are not optimum because of our habits and lifestyle choices. With habits like alcohol consumption, smoking and junk food addiction, we strip our body of essential nutrients required to generate necessary digestive enzymes. As a result, all the digested food is not eliminated from our system and is retained in the intestinal wall. Here, it is decomposed by bacteria to release toxins that circulate in our system to cause various health issues. In many cases, rotting waste material up to 60 pounds was extracted during detoxification procedures.

Detox, therefore, essentially means removing the accumulated waste material from the body to clear up the system. This can be done artificially by consuming supplements and choosing procedures like hydrotherapy.

Assured Body Detox

In most cases, body detox can be regulated on a daily basis with the help of simple lifestyle adaptations.

Lifestyle Changes to Aid Body Detox

• Include lots of fibre in your diet. Foods like cabbage., broccoli, spinach, seaweed and beets work really well as detox agents. You can even consume brown rice and fresh organic fruits.
• Herbs like dandelion root and burdock are great to cleanse the liver. You can include them in green tea for maximum benefits.
• Ensure that you consume vitamin C on a regular basis. This vitamin aids the production of glutathione in the liver to boost toxin elimination.
• Drink plenty of water. Keeping your system hydrated well actually requires consumption of water equal to half your body weight.
• Exercises that include cardio and practices like yoga help you imbibe more oxygen resulting in oxidation of toxins and consequent elimination in the form of liquids.
• Make sure you sleep well to ensure that your body’s system is well regulated and rejuvenated to function at its best.
• Visiting a spa or a sauna regularly helps remove toxins from the surface of the skin. This can also be aided by scrubbing and exfoliation.

How Does Detox Help?

Detoxification helps the body’s natural cleansing mechanism by:

• Providing the body with necessary nutrients to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. 
• Improving blood circulation.
• Enhancing the toxin elimination from the kidneys, skin and intestines.
• In case you are fasting, you are actually resting your natural detox system and helping them rejuvenate and function better.

It is believed that a good detox program actually addresses the needs of each and every cell in the body. Imagine catering to these needs on a regular basis. You not only keep yourself fit but also increase longevity substantially.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Dig Dev Direct is a multi-channel informediary with unique data

Founded in 2008 and located in Deerfield Beach, FL, Dig-Dev-Direct was one of the early adopters of a complete line of digital marketing services to enhance the marketing efforts of major brands. Their suite of services and proprietary technologies has allowed the company to continue to grow and reign as a leader in the space.

Dig Dev Direct was originally and largely built on the permission based email marketing industry. Its principals were part of the founding movement that developed permission based email as a viable marketing tool. Their history and experience in the space goes back to the beginnings of the industry.

Over that time span, the company has worked with some of the most well-known Fortune 500 firms, handling email marketing campaigns and digital media services for established brands like Hyundai, The Lifetime Network, Sam’s Club, and Sara Lee.

How can their experience and success with major brands translate for small business? Permission based email marketing is cost effective way to reach your current customers and potential customers regardless of the size of your business or the current status of your brand. DigDevDirect has a suite of services that can greatly impact deliverability and open rates, including the assistance of their email creative team which can help you avoid the missteps that often lead to emails remaining unopened, or in many cases, undelivered.

Permission based email is just a part of a larger process that can fit under the digital marketing services umbrella. DigDev-Direct also offers business to business data services, search engine optimization services and the firm employs experts in the online reputation management field. The firm continues to create innovative, scalable, reliable and profitable products and solutions to meet the growing needs of the digital market place. This is done through the use of proprietary technologies and creative, innovative digital strategies that have been tested and proven in the digital space.

The team at Dig Dev Direct includes experts in permission based email marketing, including several who are considered pioneers in the field. The firm’s technology and development teams boast decades of experience in the marketing software space. With the rapid growth of internet and email usage, these strengths enable Dig-DevDirect clients the ability capitalize on opportunities in their own industries.

In a world where content is king, and digital content has become a specific focus for any firm that has a web presence, a company like Dig-Dev-Direct can have a powerful impact on your bottom line. Digital content and digital marketing services can open the door to new business while also strengthening relations with current clients. In short, Dig-Dev-Direct has created success for its clients by turning interactive data into business solutions. Email, social media, search, and the burgeoning field of mobile technologies are all part of the Dig-Dev-Direct ever expanding suite of services. Dominic Bowkett - Dom Bowkett